7/7 EN Mythic cleared WR35, website updated, recruiting healers!

by Nuckels | October 18, 2016

So I haven’t updated the frontpage in over a year, which probably isn’t so surprising considering WoW wasn’t updated for a year.
In the last year we have updated our website, cleared the latest content within Legion and opened recruitment for healers! If you are a exceptional player then feel free to apply (regardless of spec/role) today if you are looking for a fun guild that you can call a home. Not much else to add other then herbing sucks.

I’d like to thank Anna, Abdir, Aegers & Vronar for all the help with the website and new intro for our bosskills. A big shoutout to all our socials who supported us with herbs, splitruns and for letting us use their mythic+ keystones. Time to prepare for Trial of Valor!


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