[Declined] Kaiah dk DPS

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[Declined] Kaiah dk DPS

Postby kaiah » Fri Jan 06, 2017 12:12 am

1) Real life name, age, occupation. Anything about yourself you would like to add.
1.1. Real life name, age & occupation.
My name is Dragan Obradovic and im 30years old and im from Serbia
Im press enginireee master degree and atm working in some printing company doing prepress thingys.
1.2. How many of our raids will you be able to attend, will we be able to rely on you to attend 95%+ of raids during progression?
could attend on all, im fine
1.3. Anything else you feel is relevant.
well well i dont think so ;d
2) Characters information and relevant alts.
2.1. Character Name, Server & Armory page:Kaiiah,Ravencrest
2.2. Explain your reasoning behind your character choices for us (Talents - give some examples per encounter, Gearing Priorities, Rotation etc).
This talent build is abit too simple based on hight AS due icy talons keeping stacks up as much as possible, smashing oblitirate to be on
edge on runes due frozen pulse, cri should be around 25%/30% that why icecap is soo great talent due lowering core cd of pillar, due hight AS
Runic Attenution is best choise mainly bcoz frost is resource starved and finaly oblitiration is like meh noise nuke and also lowering cd on pillar.
thats mostly raiding spec, if its m+ icecap is swaping with avalanche and Runic Attenution with Frostschyte for max aoe output
2.3. What is your strongest offspec and do you have any experience with them?
blood, unholy can play all 3 ;d
2.4. Do you have any max level alts? If so any raiding experience on these past lfr?
2.5. We require you to have one maintained alt for raiding purposes, is this a problem for you?
got another dk 882ilvl soon 35 traits
3) In-game history
3.1. Previous guild/s and why did you leave it/them?:
Since i was inactive from firelands i got transvered to server lightbringer due inactivity i was on that server and joined guild named glory
since it horrible guild i didnt expect to raid just wanted to be there and do m+ as tank, but when i saw that frost is back on track why not to raid again
so i joined BBC News on Ravencrest, well simply i dont like that place even i got member its like ewww they where forcing me to buy battle field to play with them bcoz they want that we become friends?:d
, raidleading is horrible, discord sound as u r in kindergarden(everyone speeks in same voice mostly during the fight sometimes),
if i do mistake or die drama, if frends from guild die (i dont know but core of guild is irl friends) "sry"
continue, dk mobility blablabla not to speak much head will start to hurt me again so i gquit and problems r gone ;d
3.2. Experience (Vanilla and all expansions including the current).
In vanila i was on Haumarush server playing war tank
Cleaned all up to naxxramas where we did like spider wing and first boses in other wings, guild disbanded and we stoped raiding ;d
missed tbc at all
Wotlk reroll dk that im playin now
full clear with lk hc on 15%/20% buff if i remmber corectly
cata all till rag hc around 100ish world kills
brake till legion
en mythic 7/7 and tov 2/3

3.3. Please include any raid logs (Warcraftlogs preferably). Having some form of logs is a must.
problem is bbc news r private all i can do i give password and mail if this this works
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/aut ... 1/AQZzM7VF
4) Post a picture of your UI in a raid setting, take a moment to talk us through it. (important alarms/keybinds)
i play on standard ui as u see "vanila one" bcoz i like it
mainly i use WA to track pros of unholy strenght and to keep stacks on icy talons up
5) Please give us your computer and connection specifications.
i7 4790k
gtx970 asus
16gb ram corsair dominator 2400
ASRock Fatal1ty Z97X Killer
benq xl2411z 144hz
6) Do you have the ability to speak over Teamspeak and any issues communicating through it when nessesary?
7) Sell yourself to us.
7.1. What is your reasoning for wanting to join Consequence and why should we accept you?
hight rate guild and as jamezzz said its sounds good to me also
well since im not kid u will have serious raider also back in cata i was top 10 dks in first tier as frost in like everybosses so im not just random (a bit old yes ;d) but newb not ;p
7.2. Are you able to handle adult humour, sarcasm, constructive criticism, gamma radiation and banter during farm content? Do you consider yourself to have thick skin?
i do since im far then adult but if that humor becoms insulting i do not ;d
7.3. Can anyone in Consequence vouch for your raiding capabilities?
8) Anything else you would like to add, bonus points if you make us giggle.
well overal im terrible at writting applications so if its not enough or something is missing or whatever i do appologize :D
giggle giggle makes me shmigle :>

9) Contact details, Battletag & skype. If you do not wish to post those in public PM them @Nuckels

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Re: Kaiah dk DPS

Postby Skarrj » Fri Jan 06, 2017 12:59 am

7.3. Can anyone in Consequence vouch for your raiding capabilities?

Nice. Good luck on your application.

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Re: Kaiah dk DPS

Postby Nuckels » Fri Jan 06, 2017 1:00 am

Being bad at writing a application is fine, having poor writing skills I can deal with, but this? Come on... "Jamezzz", really? It's clear you don't take this serious and won't take raiding serious. This isn't a application this is a joke. Declined.

After raids my serious is on cooldown.

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