[Declined] Mandrai - Restoration Druid.

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[Declined] Mandrai - Restoration Druid.

Postby Mandrai » Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:59 pm

1) Real life name, age, occupation. Anything about yourself you would like to add.
1.1. Real life name, age & occupation: Robin, 22, World of no life.
1.2. How many of our raids will you be able to attend, will we be able to rely on you to attend 95%+ of raids during progression? I can be reached 7 days a week, and i spend 7 days a week on world of warcraft, at any time of the day/night.
1.3. Anything else you feel is relevant: There is a trinket for tanks that (On use) makes everyone in the raid dance.

2) Characters information and relevant alts.
2.1. Character Name, Server & Armory page: Mandrai, The Maelstrom http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/the-maelstrom/Mandrai/simple
2.2. Explain your reasoning behind your character choices for us (Talents - give some examples per encounter, Gearing Priorities, Rotation etc). My talent choices differ a lot, a potential switch to a talent that is less used by the majority of players is not a no go for me, I like to experiment with my talent choices, and especially with different healing setups, say we have a healing combo, lacking in the tanking healing aspect, i'd dare to pick talents that are less used by the majority as it benefits the fight the most in the long run, but mostly picking talents based on the fight, and the abilities the boss have, and what feels like can give the best outcome. Gearing priorities are quite simple it's a common understanding of what your stats do, and the benefits of having each stat, there is a lot of easy go to guides, the official warcraft website that explains to you what each stat makes your abilities do, faster tics, harder healings, crit chances, and so on... For rotations as a healer it's about knowing the encounter, and relying on your sense of timing, and understanding of all the abilities, when to use regrowth, or ironbark, flourisk, rejuvenation, there is no set rotation as the encounter can change, i'd say that as a healer it's all about saving your mana, with the best outcome.
2.3. What is your strongest offspec and do you have any experience with them? Boomkin is my strongest off-spec, and not a whole lot experience, nothing i wouldn't be able to get down in a couple tries, so if needed boomkin is optinal, with a bit of training first, of course.
2.4. Do you have any max level alts?[If so any raiding experience on these past lfr? I have 5-6 max level alts, none that i have raided with in Legion, but prio to legion.
2.5. We require you to have one maintained alt for raiding purposes, is this a problem for you? Not an issue.

3) In-game history
3.1. Previous guild/s and why did you leave it/them?: I've had no previous Guilds, I applied to scrubbusters, but halby the officer told me that their healing officer had come back to heal so they had no need for me, that's about how far I've come to a Guild.
3.2. Experience (Vanilla and all expansions including the current). Had a level 13 orc hunter back in vanilla, played a bit of tbc mostly pvp, quit in wotlk, came back in cata, did some pve, quit in mop, came back couple months before wod, cleared wod mythic, and that's a bout it, nothing special, i'm not a special snowflake.
3.3. Please include any raid logs (Warcraftlogs preferably). Having some form of logs is a must. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/21462276/latest#metric=hps

4) Post a picture of your UI in a raid setting, take a moment to talk us through it. (important alarms/keybinds) http://imgur.com/vrPWz9n It's a standard UI, nothing fancy, blizzard raid frames and lots of addons, such as weak auras, and other beneficial tools, i dont see the use for a ui that has been pimp up, or looks nice, a couple addons, and a standard ui is what i need, for the keybinds just you typical standard keybinds, nothing out of the ordinary there aswell.

[b] 5) Please give us your computer and connection specifications. [/b] I dont know the exact specifications of my computer, my internet connection is about 120mbit, there has been no crashes, nor D/C's that i know of while raiding, in 10-20 man raids.

6) Do you have the ability to speak over Teamspeak and any issues communicating through it when nessesary? I'm more than happy to speak, and address issues, and be willing to put in the effort to perhaps come up with new strategies, ideas for encounters, or just your basic communication, healing cd rotation callouts, or similar, however i do have a bad mic, so it sounds like I'm in the bathroom taking a shit, but you can hear me.

7) Sell yourself to us. I'm very bad at selling myself, and honestly... i cant come up with anything, try me out?.
7.1. What is your reasoning for wanting to join Consequence and why should we accept you? The reason is that I've been playing casual for a long time, and i feel that i get easily annoyed in pugs, or with casual guilds, they're not on par with me when it comes to not making mistakes, or doing content, spamming content, so i've decided to aim for higher ranked guilds to see if i could have a shot, and see if i like it, and i fit in.
[color=#0080FF]7.2. Are you able to handle adult humour, sarcasm, constructive criticism, gamma radiation and banter during farm content?Do you consider yourself to have thick skin? I'm not sure what you mean by adult humour, but tits and ass is always a go for me, and i'm very bad at understanding sarcasm, i take everything in a literal sense when it comes to joking around, but i dont get offended either way, i have the thickest skin on the planet.
7.3. Can anyone in Consequence vouch for your raiding capabilities? I wish..., but no none in consequence can vouch for me.

8) Anything else you would like to add, bonus points if you make us giggle. ...

9) Contact details, Battletag & skype. If you do not wish to post those in public PM them @Nuckels Battletag: Robin#24909

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Re: Mandrai - Restoration Druid.

Postby Tayys » Mon Jan 23, 2017 11:49 pm

Declined. Good luck finding a suitable guild.

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