Challenge Mode 9/9Gold Realm First

Quick update, completed 9/9 challenge mode gold (1shotting shado-pan gold after initial see wtf is up run)

Thanks everyone in the guild for support and supplying invis pots. <3



So killed this boss a few days ago.


MoP update, realm first 90 the novel.

Hey, it’s been 4 months since the last update, MoP has arrived and it’s been a busy time!

So it all started at 00:01 on the 25th of September, our XP bars appeared and we turned in our dailies as fast as possible while raging about cross realm zones being retarded. This all went smoothly and we proceeded to queue for a dungeon.

We cleared the dungeon faster than we did on beta, XP was still the same so our “planned” route was working. We queue’d again for the next random and then… 90% loading bar and stuck, beta all over again.
In the mean time the other dungeon groups in the guild had no problem requeuing and getting further ahead of us, rage from my end started to boil as the rest of my group decided to play a drinking game over skype and we found out some interesting things about each other that will never be spoken of.  An hour and a half later my group could get online, but I couldn’t, more rage was inside of me, but then I got online and we could proceed with queuing.
We were behind but slowly catching up, a few hours later we hit 87 and decided to continue until 87.8 so we could speed route through Kun-Lai and catch up on the quest route, nothing is worse than waiting for a mob respawn. So our boomkin relogged to her druid alt so we could continue using random queue and not get the two shitty dungeons.

We hit 87.8 and split up for questing, from this point on, it was me and Zyrriz. We were behind, but we had a route planned and coded in to a questing addon designed by Zyrriz so we just had to follow it and we would catch up (or so he believed, I was not too confident). In the end our practice paid off, mainly due to Blizzard fucking up and simply not giving enough XP in Townlong and Dreadwastes for a full level, so everyone that went to the new zone as they dinged got screwed.

We hit 90, realm first and too tired to be excited, we then proceeded to ‘out of group’ boost other members to 90 and the rest of that day is a bit of a blur, I didn’t sleep much the day before release.


Realm First 90 Paladin:     Nuckels
Realm First 90 Shaman:      Zyrris
Realm First 90 Mage:        Cubanpete
Realm First 90 Warlock:     Togart
Realm First 90 Deathknight:    Shinuh
Realm First 90 Druid:       Trallas
Realm First 90 Warrior:     Selph
Realm First 90 Priest:      Boondock
Realm First 90 Monk:        Cubone

Congrats to the above.

A week later we started raiding, cleared the zone with relative ease up to Elegon than realised he was harder then on beta, eventually killed it and WotE followed shortly after.

We are now in heroic progression, sucking at avoiding cobalt mines but eventually managing to kill the boss, somehow..


I’d like to say thank you to everyone in the guild for their time and effort, lets keep up the good work (less mine deaths, please)



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