10/10 Mythic, Recruiting for T18!

So, Blast Furnace the guild killer also effected us, we managed to pull through finish of blackhand and considering the hits to the roster caught up pretty decently in the end.

We are currently looking for DPS and healers, if you are someone who doesn’t guild hop, who is a loyal player and wants to progress with a group of people who care in T18 drop us a application.
For any questions contact us ingame or on the forums.


9/10 Mythic, Recruitment update LF DPS & especially a healer!

After multiple setbacks due to unforseen circumstances we did 9/10M 2weeks ago and are working on blackhand.

We are looking for DPS but especially a healer regardless of class (For a always up to date recruitment status see our widget on the frontpage or check out our wowprogresspage).
If you are someone who is looking for a home, can handle criticism and isn’t a guild hopper when the going gets tough, apply now.

What we offer you:
A long standing guild with a officer team who geniunely cares.
A dedicated and fun community both inside and outside of raiding.
A serious raiding guild who does what it takes to push forward.

For any questions or recruitment details check out our website or contact Nuckels through forum PM or ingame.


Guild update.

Hey, so I finally got around to updating the frontpage, in the mean time BRF has been released and I am almost a month late.

First things first, our Imperator Mar’gok Mythic video.
I’d like to thank Backy, Hawksy, Kitzermitzen for all the help with the Media outlets for this boss kill.

We are now 9/10 heroic in our split groups, after multiple setbacks due to server instability losing us a entire raidday.
Will update when we kill blackhand.


Recruitment Update: We are currently recruiting but not limited to: Monk WW & MW , Rogue , Hunter, Retribution Paladin.


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