Kor’Kron Juggernaut Give away!

We are giving away a Free Kor’kron juggernaut mount, all you have to do is post in the following thread CLICK ME YEEEY.

Be sure to read the thread before posting or you might just make a mistake and ruin your chance!

/Nuckels EDIT: Quick recruitment Update, we are currently looking for exceptional players of all classes, if you think you got what it takes to be an asset to our roster please drop us an application.

WoD is around the corner, and we are LF 2 exceptional players! Updated: 21-10-14

Are you looking for a guild to call your home? That actually beta tests? Do you play or want to play one of the following classes: Warrior DPS, Hunter, Rogue, Resto Shaman? Then look no further!

We can offer you what you are looking for. Not only a guild to raid with but a guild to spend your online time with outside of raiding.
We are looking for 1 melee and 2 ranged dps, preferably the classes listed above.

If you are interested in applying contact Nuckels or Althz ingame or send a private message @Nuckels on the forum, you can of course always throw us an application to.

PS: We are not recruiting for the bench, we are recruiting for a raiding position.

Update on current guild status & Boosting services.

Hey, so it’s been a month since we started up raiding again.

After some hard work we put together our raidteam combined of old raiders of Consequence, friends and new recruits, its a fun atmosphere but really every guild claims that so lets get to the facts.
We are now efficiently farming SoO with a stable core, clearing it weekly and having fun while doing it. (Well as much as SoO is a good time after 6months, GG BLIZZ!).
Thankfully we have other games to entertain ourselves with like LoL and for those people who just can’t keep raiding we have alt runs.

All of the above doesn’t mean we aren’t looking for a couple more exceptional players to strengthen our roster in time for wod tho!
What do we need you say? Glad you asked!
We are currently looking for exceptional players that play the following
: Moonkin & Kitty, Deathknight, Mage, Warlock, Hunter & Monk DPS with BM offspec.  See leftside widget. for up-to-date recruitment.

If you are planning on rerolling for WoD and one of the above suits your interest then you are welcome to contact us and we will discuss the details. (Don’t bother if you do not have a impressive raiding history that would convince us.)

While we are preparing ourselves for WoD there is one more thing we have to improve, our BROKE ASS guildbank.
How can YOU help us with that?!  Well by buying one of our boosting services of course!
We are currently selling CM boosts, SoO boosts for both gear and Kor’Kron juggernaut, Contact Nuckels by forum PM or Ingame to discuss the details.

We hope to hear from you soon with both recruitment or boostingenquiries.



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