Warlords of Draenor Mythic complete. World 38, EU-English 11. /s

by Nuckels | August 26, 2015


Here we are, again, content is over and a new expansion has been announced not to long ago so that marks the end of WoD for Consequence. We saw alot of people come and go in tier 17 but came back stronger in T18. First of all to the people who didn’t believe in us after our BRF performance and called us dead and left because we would never be able to reach top 50?

I would first of all like to congratulate the raidteam on a amazing performance when we had such a short window of time to rebuild our roster coming from BRF, you guys did amazing.

I always take a moment to use the frontpage as a personal blog at the end of a tier, so here goes.
It was a solid tier, a enjoyable tier but also a long one for my feeling. HFC came only 5months after the release of BRF and I feel like this is the first time since the expansion I can truely play laid back again.
When looking back at HFC mythic I feel Blizzard did alot right, starting off with Gorefiend, yes its a incredibly hard boss for its place in a raid that blocks off easier stuff, but this is in my opinion a good thing, why? Because once you get past this wall you get 3 “easy” bosses  that take less energy and give a moral boost, its motivating. Three tough bosses back to back burns raiders out, like Maidens/Sauna/Blackhand. Mannoroth and Archimonde were two amazing encounters and Archimonde goes in my top 5 of best end bosses of all time.

I only got two major complaints. One, on to many encounters you can cheese mechanics by letting people flat out die. This is terrible design, you now use combat rez as a mitigation cooldown and no longer to simply recover from a mistake. The other major complaint I got is the following, Blizzard stop fucking with encounters after more then 5 guilds have killed them, Iskar I could live with, but HFC, Mannoroth and Archimonde are straight up bullshit, there is no way they didn’t see Exorsus bug out shadowforce on their first kill, or Paragon outrange the p3 tank mechanic on Archimonde on their world second kill.

With that said it was still a solid raiding expansion, garrisons sucked no doubt, please stop with this legendary chain bullshit no one enjoys it, and mythic dungeons are not exactly interesting but from a raiding point of view it was more then enjoyable, and my only real complaint was the lack of a break between the three raids.
As for progress itself? I guess the only thing that makes me sad is that I will always remember Archimonde progress tainted by a mistake from Blizzard that cost me way to much energy over the course of 4days to undo.

Finally i’d like to thank the Officer team for the effort and support and everyone for putting up with my bullshit.

Cya in Legion, we are now recruiting all exceptional players regardless of class/role.


ps: This is the pull counter up to and including first kill of each boss.

HFA: 3  (so for the dumdums, two wipes + one for the kill pull.)
Iron Reaver: 4
Kormrok: 17
HFC: 35
Kilrogg: 19
Gorefiend: 80* (one night we started logging 30minutes late, we got 72 wipes recorded).
Socrethar: 18
Iskar: 23
Zakuun: 25
xhul: 142
Velhari: 43
Mannoroth: 129
Archimonde: 279

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